Dictionnaire des rimes. 2013.

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  • munition — nf. mo nchon (Annecy), mou nchon (Giettaz), munichon (Albanais) …   Dictionnaire Français-Savoyard

  • punition — nf. po nchon (Albanais.001, Villards Thônes.028), pou nchon (Cordon, Saxel.002), penechon (Montendry), punichon (Montagny Bozel). A1) punition d écolier, pensum : pénitinse <pénitence> (001,028), pènitanse (002). A2) punition, rossée : mâla …   Dictionnaire Français-Savoyard

  • puncheon — 1. n. 1 a short post, esp. one supporting a roof in a coal mine. 2 = PUNCH(2). Etymology: ME f. OF poinson, po(i)nchon, ult. f. L pungere punct prick 2. n. hist. a large cask for liquids etc. holding from 72 to 120 gallons. Etymology: ME f. OF… …   Useful english dictionary

  • puncheon — I. /ˈpʌntʃən/ (say punchuhn) noun a large cask of varying capacity, but usually about 500 litres. {French, ultimately identical with puncheon2} II. /ˈpʌntʃən/ (say punchuhn) noun 1. a slab of timber, or a piece of a split log, with the face… …   Australian English dictionary

  • pain — nm. PAN (Aillon V.273, Aime, Aix, Albanais.001, Albertville.021, Alex, Annecy.003, Annemasse, Arvillard, Attignat Oncin, Balme Si.020, Beaufort, Bellecombe Bauges, Bellevaux, Billième, Bogève, Bonneville, Bourget Huile, Chambéry.025, Clefs,… …   Dictionnaire Français-Savoyard

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