Dictionnaire des rimes. 2013.

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  • Nuestra Belleza Jalisco 2011 — Date July 11, 2011 Venue Auditorio Telmex, Guadalajara, Jalisco Broadcaster Televisa Entrants 12 Placements 5 …   Wikipedia

  • Kleptoparasitism — Great Frigatebirds chasing a Red footed Booby in order to steal its food. Kleptoparasitism or cleptoparasitism (literally, parasitism by theft) is a form of feeding in which one animal takes prey or other food from another that has caught,… …   Wikipedia

  • Cleptoparasitismo — Rabihorcados Grandes persiguen a un Pájaro Bobo o Piquero Patirrojo para robarle su alimento. Cleptoparasitismo (literalmente, parasitismo por robo) es una forma de alimentación donde un animal se aprovecha de presas o alimentos que otro animal… …   Wikipedia Español

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